Macromedia Firework 8 Portable Version

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Fireworks is a graphic design application dedicated to create a website. In accordance with these definitions, are preferred to use Fireworks for web designers with a background in graphic design skills, which involves image editing tool, such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw.
Tutorial fireworks
Features available in Fireworks adjusted to the background image editing skills, including:
- The ability to edit various types of images in one application.
- The ability to create animated effects on image
- Ability to edit images and web pages in one application.

To produce a professional website and elegant, Fireworks should be combined in accordance with the allocation of use and unique features of each application. In the next section we will look at some technologies that can be used as an alternative or complementary Macromedia Fireworks.

Fireworks main goal is to produce the website. Alternative devices to achieve these objectives include:
- Microsoft FrontPage
- Macromedia Dreamweaver

For Portable Version, please DOWNLOAD HERE (67 MB)



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